Monday, 2 February 2015

Being Nice to Sex Workers

I follow quite a few sex worker accounts via Twitter. Many are illuminating. Here are a couple of tweets from this evening:

''When I think I've had nicest client ever, a lovelier one comes along. A good flogging, full body massage + £100 tip. LOVE MY JOB #sexwork''

''I have a naked man pouring me a bloody mary and cooking me a steak for breakfast. Only takes a few days to train them ;)''

Now these aren't by any means unusual. Despite what the un-informed public and the should-know-better antis think, many clients are actually nice guys who genuinely enjoy making women happy.

That's not of course to say that they don't, in many cases, get a sexual thrill from doing so. But is that a bad thing?

Last week, I visited my favourite escort. This lady is an all rounder. She provides a wonderful GFE and a fun, inventive and marginally vicious Domme session. So we alternate appointments. And every now and again I like to say thank you.

So last week, we laid towels on the bed. She lay on her tummy and I massaged her back for the full 30 minute appointment. The alloted music stopped and she asked for some more time. We had a laugh about that.

It was actually lovely and knowing that I had pleased her and done something she appreciated meant a lot to me. Don't ask why this should be. I know many reading this would think I was nuts. But it made us both happy and why should that be a crime?

The problem is that quite soon it WILL be a crime here. I could be arrested, fined and taken to court for massaging someone's back. Proof of payment or proof of sexual contact will likely not be required. The very fact that I was on the same premises as a sex worker would be considered incriminating enough.

Is this lady underage? Exploited? Trafficked? Not by any criteria. She is highly skilled, has years of experience, is entirely independent and pays tax on her earnings.

But given the numbers of trafficked women here, surely criminalising everyone visiting a sex worker is the right thing to do? Erm not exactly. Last year the number of sex trafficking cases here was zero. Yes that's correct. Not even one.

But perhaps because it offends the morals of our great and good, we should all be criminalised for having sex with a consenting adult where payment is involved. Or for massaging someone's back. Or cooking them a steak. Us 'johns' are after all inhuman monsters.

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