Wednesday, 21 May 2014

This week I've had the privledge of visiting my two favourite ladies on consecutive days. This wasn't due to greediness, rather their tour dates coinciding.

The result for me has been complete serenity and a sense of being in touch with all that is good in the world.

I won't name either of these ladies, but both are from these islands. They are both mature, highly intelligent, strong and admirable women. In many ways, they are the most wonderful people I have ever known.

Let me explain. Yes these ladies are escorts. Yes I partake of some of the sexual services they offer, and absolutely wonderful they are too. But that is only part of the story. Visiting these ladies is an all-round experience. We talk, we laugh, we kiss, we embrace. We pleasure each other sexually and talk candidly about everything from cats to deeply personal issues.

These ladies help me immensely and I hope that I help them in more ways than the financial. They are counted amongst my very closest friends and in turn, my closest friends are fully aware of their importance in my life. Were they not able to accept this, they would no longer be counted as my friends. Instead they are understanding and happy for me and that is a true mark of friendship.

I have reached middle age and that puts much into perspective. Life is short and should contain as much happiness as possible. I have never been as happy as I am now and much of that is down to the escort experience. Sexually yes, I have progressed, both as a lover and a submissive. Socially I am more confident. But what is huge for me is being granted access to what these ladies have been through in their lives, realising how strong they are, how much they love their children, how they continue despite huge obstacles constantly placed in their way. And that very much puts my own paltry problems in perspective.

I have always admired and in some cases desired strong women. They do not come much stronger than sex workers believe me. These ladies have a continual parade of time wasters, some malicious, some simply weak or inconsiderate men. They juggle finances, book venues, market on many levels, answer endless texts and messages, travel widely, care for their children, their family and their pets. They entertain and they humour. They may be exhausted but they go on. They love and in many cases are loved. And they still find time to feed themselves, keep themselves looking beautiful and above all, project the wonderful person that they are.

This would be more than enough, but add to the above the constant droning of the judgemental -- the neighbours who find unruly kids, barking dogs and vandalism acceptable, but somehow find a sex worker having a few visitors per day an issue to be hysterical about. The 'investigative' journalists, the suspicious hoteliers, the sexually frustrated nuns, the highly funded NGOs, the jealous and the territorial and all the while the ridiculous social stigma forcing these ladies to hide and remain largely alone. Not to mention the occasional abusive client or the threat of assault or robbery.

I challenge anyone to live with the above and keep going. That my friends is true grit. That is why our sex workers deserve and need our respect. Not our ridicule or small mindedness. Not some sad demonstration of our own ignorance. But real respect for a job that dates back millenia and will always be a part of our society.

Few truly realise the good these ladies do. Speaking purely for myself, they have turned my life around. For others they have saved relationships, preserved marriages, prevented suicides, given joy to the disabled and simply brought happiness into so many lives. In a true, caring society, these ladies would be celebrated for what they do.

As a client, I see little or nothing of the world the abolitionists portray -- if it exists, it appears to be very cunningly hidden. The bottom line is there is money, very much misguided money, in persecuting sex workers. These are good people, victimised for sinister and cynical NGO ends. Don't ever let anyone tell you what they do is wrong.

To these two ladies and to all I have met, I want to thank you for being there and for allowing me into your lives. You are wonderful people and the world is a better place for your presence.


  1. Hello, its nice to find other blog of a john. There are not many.

    Well, for a long time I tough as u. I didnt see anything the abolitionists were claiming about. I met hundreds of sex workers, who had met themselves other thousands and no one, ever, had seen nothing like the histories the media, NGOs and governments tell us.

    But there is one problem, David. We dont see all. I needed YEARS to see what abolitionists see. But finally, I saw it. And damnit, they were right!

    But its not the reality. Its THEIR REALITY. I always tough that to know about prostitution what u needed was to met sex workers and other people of this world. Like the people who run the business, other clients, the relatives of the prostitutes... I knew very good what happened on the streets, on the clubs, even in the private life of the sex workers.

    But there is sth I missed completely. The studies, books and conferences about prostitution. When I began to study prostitution from a more academic view, I could understood them! For example, to me a trafficked girl was someone that was moved without her will, a "sexual slave". HELL NO! ANY girl who come to work from abroad is trafficked, according their definition. EVEN if she is willing to do, EVEN is there is not any kind or coercion, EVEN is she comes legally! So fuck, I didnt realised but I was a lot of times with traffiked girls and I didnt know! OMFG finally I could understand why I couldnt see what they saw, we were using different definitions.

  2. I couldn't agree more Cliente X. Logically, thousands of women are 'trafficked' every year to be cleaners, waitresses, care assistants...yet somehow they are economic migrants instead.

    The abolitionists are perfectly willing to scream 'trafficked' when it suits, but are slow to define the term and even slower to provide figures of actual real-life prosecutions.